Step 1

Background Check

We want to know all about our experts’ history. By studying all the inbound resumes carefully, we are able to single out candidates most suited to writing your papers. On average, only a third of the applicants make the cut.

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Step 2

Language Exam

English is not a piece of cake, what with all its grammar intricacies and tricky spelling. There are just as many exceptions as there are rules. And this is what this test is all about. Even native English speakers will have to rack their brains to pass it.

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Step 3

Phone Interview

All candidates are then interviewed to identify their weaknesses and strengths, as well as assess their communication skills and attitude to work. Interviewing hopefuls also gives us a deeper insight into what kinds of soft skills are their headmost.

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Step 4

Expertise Test

At this stage, hopefuls are asked to complete a writing assignment, in real time, and with a time limit. It takes skill, knowledge, and hands-on experience in writing to do a competent job. Candidates who do are welcome to our team.

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Step 5

Ongoing Review

They may have passed every test to join the team, but we don’t leave it at that. Every expert’s performance is closely monitored. And that’s how we ensure your paper lives up to the high standards you’ve come to expect.